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The Zone
Northside Drive Entrance

River Park Entrance

(Shiner's Revenge) - Patrick County

Four Paws - Two Feet - Let's Go

Patrick Henry Community College
(between Madison & Stoneville)

Rise to New Levels
North Carolina

On The Fly
Smith River Access

Philpott Reservoir

Abreu-Grogan Park

Southern Fried Antiques - Madison
Tube rentals (no website) 
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Support the Dan River Basin Association

Welcome! The Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) is pleased to provide you with this handy application for finding trails and river accesses in the beautiful Dan River Valley region of North Carolina and Virginia. Support for this app comes from the Reidsville Area Foundation, The Harvest Foundation, and DRBA members.

DRBA works with local governments, community organizations and businesses to help create and maintain: river accesses, hiking and biking trails, river walks and greenways, safe and attractive locations for healthful exercise, and opportunities for children and adults to learn about animals and plants that live and grow here.

For more information on becoming a DRBA member, visit danriver.org, and enjoy the beautiful Dan River Valley!http://www.danriver.org

Virginia Trails

Virginia Trails

in the

Dan River Valley

Regional Map of the Trails (may take a few moments to load) or find each trail below:

Dick and Willie Passage

Richard P. Gravely Nature Trail

Danville River Walk

Anglers Ridge Mountain Bike Trail - Northside Entrance Or Riverside Drive Entrance

Fieldale Walking Trail

Ballou Park Nature Trail

DeHart Mountain Trail - DeHart Botanical Gardens (Rt. 58 between Stuart & Meadows of Dan)

DeHart Park Loop Trail - DeHart Park (Stuart, VA)

IC DeHart Trail System - I.C. DeHart Memorial Park (Woolwine, VA)

Laurel Hill - JEB Stuart Birthplace (Ararat, VA)

Mabry Mill Trail (Meadows of Dan, VA)

Mayo River Rail Trail

Pinnacles Trail (Ararat, VA)

Reynolds Homestead LEAF Trail (Critz, VA)

Rock Castle Gorge Trail (Woolwine, VA & Parkway)

Rocky Knob Recreation Area Trails

Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 169

Round Meadow Creek Loop Trail (Meadows of Dan, VA)

Fairystone State Park Trails (Stuart, VA)

Roanoke Canal Trail

North Carolina Trails


North Carolina Trails

in the

Dan River Valley

(under development - trails not yet listed)

Jobs, Forests & Rivers

Clean rivers are vital to our economy The Dan River Valley is a “water rich” landscape with more than the national average of acres in forest canopy. When DRBA was founded, many of the natural resources in the Dan River Basin were in fairly good shape.

The local rivers were in better condition than they had been when the textile mills pumped dye waste water in them. (Old timers remember the Dan River running in vivid multi-color.)

It would be an overstatement to say there were no environmental problems; however it was lack of jobs in the wake of the textile shut downs and tobacco quota system that most people were concerned about.

Tourism is one area of the Dan River Valley’s economy with consistent growth. While no single industrial category exists to track tourism, there are sectors of the economy that are closely associated, and can be used to indicate long-term patterns of change.

These include components of retail trade; passenger transportation; art, entertainment and recreation; amusement and recreation; museums, parks, and historical sites; and eating and drinking establishments. These can serve as a proxy for tourism-related jobs in order to illustrate long-terms trends and relative size.

Branding our beautiful valley as an outdoor recreational playground offers a range of meaningful opportunities. Small businesses thrive in an outdoor recreation economy: outfitters, guides, production of local, specialty foods, and more.

A recently released report on the economic impact of outdoor recreation finds that 6.1 million American jobs are “directly supported by the outdoor industry,” and “Americans spend $646 billion each year on activities like camping, hunting, and snow sports. This is a bigger economic impact than those of the pharmaceutical and gasoline and fuel industries.” The report points out that America is globally recognized as the leader in outdoor recreation.

Advancements in technical apparel, footwear and equipment for outdoor activities are driving innovation and entrepreneurship, while creating a demand for highly skilled workers in areas like technology, product design, manufacturing, sustainability and global commerce.

A tremendous diversity of career opportunities exists beyond product-related jobs. By building our outdoor recreational venues, we will simultaneously strengthen our position for cultivating higher paying professional and technical jobs in marketing, manufacturing, real estate and other trades.

So join us, the Dan River Basin Association, in our quest to make the Dan River Valley region a great place to live, work and plan.